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标题: [archive]因日本版权重大升级,部分代购业务调整 [打印本页]

作者: JPPV    时间: 2015-7-15 14:20     标题: [archive]因日本版权重大升级,部分代购业务调整

基于微软2015年7月15日正式中止对windows server2003系统的技术支持。日本所有网站于6月开始陆续更新,直止7月15日结束!
新的版权保护技术(silverlight drm,采用RSA非对称加密算法,银行也采用的,自己去科普和想像了)2006年公布至今无人能解!
作者: JPPV    时间: 2015-7-15 14:23     标题: 附微软的中止wmdrm告知(英文)

Microsoft による WMDRM のサポート終了の告知(英語)
  Windows Media Rights Manager Certificate Service

CRITICAL UPDATE: As communicated on Microsoft痴 support pages, the extended support end date for Windows Server 2003 is July 14, 2015.

You should be aware that Windows Media Rights Manager (aka. WMDRM) only runs on Windows Server 2003. Therefore, all Windows Media Rights Manager servers must be shut down by July 14, 2015.

PlayReady is the successor to WMDRM and has been a commercially available technology since 2008. We highly recommend you transition to PlayReady technologies as soon as possible. You may begin the licensing process by requesting new agreements here.

In preparation for the retirement of WMRM SDK Services, we have changed the enrollment process to obtain a new DRM Certificate. Please click the button below to review these changes and initiate the certificate enrollment process.
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作者: JPPV    时间: 2015-7-17 18:21     标题: MxVPN(每日免费100m流量,足够日常查询)

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